About Me

I've been skating since 2007. I picked up my first skateboard on my 16th birthday and never looked back. I grew up all over California, switching schools, friends, and locations often. Skateboarding gave me something to rely on. The culture did not judge me, but welcomed me with open arms no matter where I went. If I was happy, I'd go skate. Mad? Go skate. Couldn't make up my mind on something? Go skate. It felt like the answer to everything.

After high school, I eventually got into the film business to act and eventually started working in production.🎥 Acting is the study of life and taught me to look at life from another paradigm.🧐 Trying to understand my own character in this world and how I was developing, I naturally found my way into personal development.

When I read my first book outside of high school, it took me a solid year. I may not have been quick, but I sure was slow! 🤣. I had my mind made up that I would finish that book no matter how long it took. That book was "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" by Stephen Covey. The title struck an interest in me because it wasn't called Highly Successful People. It specifically said "Effective".  Being a black sheep in the world, I often felt misunderstood. I figured if I could be more effective, maybe people could understand me more. And the journey of personal growth and development never stopped.

What's interesting, is that skateboarding has stuck with me after all these years and still makes me feel at home wherever I am in the world.  So I want to give it back. Give back to the skateboarding community for the life it gave me and to the rest of the world for continuing to develop myself and others around me.   Each one, teach one. I simply want to see a world where everybody inspires each other and empowers one another to become the greatest version of themselves. Because we all deserve it. 💯

And if we're building a community, might as well build one that lasts. All of our products are made with the earth in mind. At least to the best of our ability. Whether it be 100% compostable or at least made with recycled or recyclable materials. I want to see the quality of the soil and the air improve and I think we can help.

When we work together, we can elevate our impact in order to create a world of ceaseless wonder.